About Our Teachers

Susan Press

Susan Press has been the Program Director since September of 1985. Her background includes a batchelors degree from the San Francisco Art Institute and a teaching credential from California State University at San Francisco. Susan taught art at the junior and senior high school level for eight years primarily in the Piedmont School District, with her first year at Miller Creek School, here in the Dixie District. Marinwood has had a preschool since its beginning as a community center. She has also taught art in the Dixie Schools through the Youth In Arts Program.

“Coming to Marinwood and preschool teaching, has been the best surprise gift in my life, second only to parenting. I am continually so pleased with meeting such loving families. I appreciate the trust they place with us as we work and play with all their children. There is not one aspect to this job that I do not enjoy and continually learn from. My focus as a teacher is to help each child to feel safe, loved, good about themselves and excited to come to school each day.”

Deborah Humphrey

Deborah Humphrey studied and received her college degree from the University of Wisconsin with an English major. In addition to her graduate work in psychology, Debbie works as a library assistant for the Marin County library system. She has been teaching preschool at Marinwood since 1991.

“My favorite time at preschool is story time. I love to watch the children’s faces, as I read to them. Instilling an appreciation for books and stories is rewarding and a marvelous way for me to help them along on the path to a lifelong love of learning and school.”

Ceci Chiosso

Ceci Chiosso has been with Marinwood since 1994. Her college background and degree were received in psychology at Chico State University.

“I feel it is such an honor to be part of children’s early school experience. Helping them begin to be comfortable in a school setting, separating from their parents and connecting with other children and us is a special process. It is thrilling to see them playing and talking together. Being part of this extraordinary school is a great joy for me and I am very proud of our program and what we can offer young children and their parents. Not only do I meet wonderful families, but also I treasure the women with whom I work.”

Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan received her degree in Urban Studies from San Francisco State University. She began teaching in our Three’s Together program in 1998.

“Children beginning our Threes Together each September, are coming to really ‘spread their wings’ for the first time in a school setting. During their year in our program we see them reach a new level of comfort away from home and with other children. Guiding them as they move through their year of learning and observing their progress is most rewarding and is the highlight of my job.”

Annette Raisedana

Annette Raisedana studied speech pathology and audiology, receiving her degree from Purdue University in Indiana. Annette has been with our teaching staff since 2002 working in both the three and four year old programs.

“As a preschool teacher at Marinwood, I work to encourage co-operation, creative thinking and socialization in a loving, safe, and supportive environment. This experience will help children transition more smoothly into the elementary school experience.”