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“We always welcome questions and visits from interested parents. Call the Community Center if you need more program information, or to schedule an observation of one of the classes. An Open House is scheduled for Saturday, 4/1, from 10:00 a.m. until 12 noon. Below are a few comments from parents.

When we first decided to make the move from San Francisco to Marin, I began calling a number of preschools thinking it would be the same rat race as SF and that there would be a two-year wait list for any school. To my surprise, Susan Press not only returned my call the same day, but she also took the time to chat with me regarding my concerns with finding a good preschool for our then 4 year old daughter. After that phone call and a visit to the school, I was sold. Three years later, both of our children have had the privilege of attending all three classes, (Parent/Tot, Threes Together, and the Morning School) at Marinwood, and we could not be more happy with our experience.

The amount of care, love and dedication of the preschool teachers gave to our children is phenomenal. I cannot speak more highly of the entire teaching staff. They have nurtured our children and prepared them academically for kindergarten. Our children are taught social and emotional coping skills. They have been encouraged to use their imaginations and explore with their minds. Our children genuinely loved coming to school every day, and it is because of the fantastic group of teachers that we have been so fortunate to have had in our lives.

Yes, it’s not your “typical” classroom environment, but that is what makes Marinwood Preschool so unique. The teachers, the learning, the families we’ve met and bonded with through the years, and the friendships our children have made will certainly last a lifetime. Thank you Susan, Debbie, Jenny, Ceci, Annette, Melissa, and Kelly for all that you do!”

Veronica & Jason Yee

“Do I get to go to school today, Mommy?” “Yes” “Yay!”

“This is the conversation that I got to have with my children every morning before heading off to the Marinwood Community Center. My daughter attended the Threes Together and Morning School Programs. My son and I participated in the Parent-Toddler class in addition to both the older preschool programs. He will graduate Marinwood Morning School this spring. We feel so fortunate to have this incredible preschool program in our neighborhood.

Susan Press and her wonderful team of teachers provide age-appropriate activities for the children to explore everyday. They sing songs, read books, do science experiments, and so much more. The warm, caring environment helps the children learn what it is like to work together in a classroom. They leave ready fore the Kindergarten experience.

We are grateful to Susan, Debbie, Annette, Jenny and Ceci for the love and energy that they put into this school. They have helped lay the foundation for our children to be lifelong learners. Thank you!”


“I have had the privilege of sending my three sons to all of Marinwood’s preschool programs. I attended the parent-Toddler class first with my eldest son, and then with my twin sons. It not only provided a nurturing environment with developmentally appropriate toys and activities, but gave me an opportunity to connect with fellow parents of toddlers and form lasting friendships. This class prepared my kids to attend preschool independently the following year and the transition to the Threes Together class was very smooth.

In both the Threes Together and the Morning School classes, the teachers were warm, caring, and very skilled at nurturing both academic and social skills. I valued the play-based approach to learning, the daily lessons and projects, and time to play outside each day in the beautiful Marinwood Park. Weekly science and music lessons were also a favorite time for my kids. All of my boys were excited to go to school each morning and happy at pick-up, eager to share the day’s adventures.

I highly recommend all three Marinwood Preschool Programs. My children were all very well prepared for entering Kindergarten after their experiences with Susan, Debbie, Jenny, Ceci and the rest of the preschool staff. While I am sad to say goodbye to this wonderful program, my children and I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Barbara Snekkevik

My daughter is really enjoying her time at Marinwood Morning School. Here is a preschool that pays attention to your concerns as a parent as well as your child’s individual needs. I love when my daughter comes home singing a song they have learned or telling me about something they have done.

Susan Press is warm, caring, fun and creative and her school is a cheerful, happy environment. The teachers are excellent and the emphasis is on learning to enjoy school.

As this was Mary’s first school experience I attended with her for a short time to ease her into preschool and I was very impressed with every aspect of the school including how comfortable and welcoming the instructors are with both the children and the parents. Patience and calmness are prevalent in the teachers and make me very confident having a daughter in their care. The greatest endorsement is that she comes home happy!

Deborah Fowler

I am not a mother who finds it easy to leave my children in someone else’s care. I visited many preschools before I saw Susan’s wonderful program at the Marinwood Community Center. When I observed my first class there, I was immediately struck by how calm and sweet the children were and how in tune the teachers were with each individual child. There was none of the craziness and confusion (and aggressive behavior by the children) that I had observed at the other schools I had visited. Once I got to know Susan, I understood why. Her approach is always guided by the principles of love and respect for others. She has carefully hand-picked an amazing group of loving, dedicated and talented teachers for her programs who provide a seamless environment of acceptance and support for the children as they progress each year.

Susan’s wise, gentle and happy approach to teaching and parenting has been an enormous gift in my life and in my children’s lives. My oldest daughter started in Parent/Toddler and “graduated” from the Morning School, passing her kindergarten readiness test with a rare 100% score, and a love of learning. She is almost eight now and continues to take art classes with Susan, and often tells me she wants to take classes with her ‘everyday, okay Mommy?’

My younger two children, who have been with Susan since Parent /Toddler will graduate in June from the Morning School Program. They are already happy and enthusiastic learners, due in large part to the safe, nurturing and stimulating environment Susan and the other teachers have created.

There will certainly be a feeling of loss when “we” graduate out of the Marinwood Morning School. We have all learned so much from this beautiful program. All these years later, there is still a very short list of people who I feel totally comfortable leaving my children with, but each and every teacher at this school tops the list.

Thank you Susan, Debbie, Ceci, Jenny, and Annette!!!

Beth Ellenberger

The Marinwood Community Center in Marinwood Park on Miller Creek Road offers an excellent preschool program overseen and taught by Susan Press. My two sons were fortunate enough to attend Susan’s classes. Even I got to go, to the Parent and Toddler Class! It was great because you get to watch your child begin to play, socialize, and interact with other kids their own age. They also love the different assortment of toys that are put out for them each class to explore and experience.

There, you will meet the other moms (or dads) creating long-lasting relationships because of all the bonding from sharing stories, tips, and even venting. They completely understand! To this day, even though some of our children attend different schools, we still keep in touch!

Threes Together was good for me, because it gave me a little free time to myself, while teaching my son independence. Both of my boys were ready for the separation, but for the children who are not, there classes allow the parent to stay in the class for as long as the child needs them, and as long as the parent is willing.

I loved it when my sons came home, and would singsongs that I wasn’t familiar with. I knew they learned them from preschool. It was also fun hearing them speak of other kids in their class, and even mentioning the teachers.

What they liked best, though, were the arts and crafts! Parker, my youngest, who is currently in the Marinwood Morning School, always looks forward to project time. He thoroughly enjoys creating beautiful handmade works of art. The different projects that he brings home showcase his creativity. Spenser, my older son, had the same pride when he would display his latest creation!

Naturally, when the children spend this much time wit the instructors, the teachers really get to know your child. One day, I received a phone call on my cell from Jenny, one of the teachers from Threes Together. She told me that Parker didn’t seem his usual, energetic self, and seemed tired. I picked him up early from class, and had just strapped him in his car seat, when he promptly fell asleep. I was amazed that Jenny had “read” him that well, but I was grateful, too, because it meant that the teachers really do watch out for our kids!

The small class sizes help the children to not feel overwhelmed. They get attached to each other, and to the instructors. The teachers get attached to the students too. I saw tears in Ceci’s eyes (the other teacher in the Threes Together) at the end of the year party. It was refreshing to now that the children had meant that much to her, especially after teaching so many classes, year after year.

I highly recommend the preschool programs here. My boys were always anxious to go to class (‘Is it time to go to school yet?’) and sad when they had to miss it due to illness. They felt safe here. They learned how to act with other kids, and how to listen to other authority figures other than Mom and Dad. I felt comfortable there, too. It’s very important to me that I am able to approach all the teachers, and be able to discuss anything. They give that to me, completely. I always felt welcomed, that my comments and opinions mattered.

Thank you Susan, Debbie, Ceci, Jenny, and Annette for all that you do for our children. Your dedication, devotion, time, and energy mean the world to our kids. Their very first years of schooling will always be remembered with much affection, as it was a very positive, happy, and fun environment. It is a wonderful introduction to, hopefully, a life-long love of learning and education!

Jim, Lorrie, Spense, and Parker

We have already had one child go through this program and now our youngest will soon be finishing the four year old class at Marinwood Preschool. Time has gone by too fast! We’ve been so pleased with the school. Susan Press, the director runs a wonderful preschool. This preschool is one of the best kept secrets in Marin!

We started with the Parent Toddler class three years ago with Susan, followed by the Threes Together class with Jenny and Ceci, and are now in the four year old Morning School program with Debbie, Susan, Ceci and Jenny. Our son has done so well in all three classes. Aside from learning all the standard preschool concepts that are taught in most preschools, the children here learn at their own pace. There are no pressures. The classes are small. The best element of the school is their nurturing approach to working with the children. The staff are all very caring and Susan is always available to answer questions that may arise.

Not only have our children benefited from this program, but so have I. I have learned to be a better parent and have made some great friends along the way. Raising children is no easy task and it’s nice to know that you can always count on the teachers for their support and guidance. I feel safe leaving our kids at this school.

Since this is our second child going through the program, I know for a fact that the children that graduate from the Marinwood Preschool enter kindergarten well prepared and are ready to adapt to their new learning environment.

I will always be grateful for Susan and her staff!

Cecil Nielsen

I have one child who was in the 4’s class 2010-2011 and have twins who have just graduated from the 4’s this past June. The twins also attended the Parent-Toddler class and the Threes Together. We have been very happy with the program. All three of my kids have been excited to get to school each day to see what treasures have been put out to play with. Susan, the director has been collecting the most amazing array of toys and activities over the years that keeps the kids engaged each day. The teachers know each other well and have been there for years which adds to a sense of security and safety. When my older child entered kindergarten, he was well prepared, having attended the early morning pre-K sessions.

There is a great sense of community amongst the parents. We have made what promises to be, life-long family friends and our children have grown from toddlers to elementary-aged children together. Most of we parents head to the playground after school for a little socialization amongst ourselves. We stay at the community center for ballet, swimming and summer camps. It all feels like an extension of the preschool. We are sad to be leaving as the twins will now enter kindergarten.