In this age of emails, I think most people would admit to feeling a little thrill at finding an actual letter or card in the mailbox. There’s that colorful stamp and seeing one’s name in print. Eyes fly to the return label to see who has taken the time to send something special. This method of spreading joy is at risk of disappearing because we are so busy and it does take much more time that hitting the “send” button.

Involving children in this activity could keep letter writing alive and well and spread a little joy in the process. A good way to engage your children might be to give them the experience from the receiving end. Start sending silly little letters and sign them from a secret friend. After a few, suggest that it would be fun to pick someone else who might enjoy getting such secret greetings. Make a list of friends and family members and send a letter or a hand made card to one person each week. Set up a pen pal relationship between your child and an out of state relative. Pick someone over 80 and adopt them as your “send a sweet note a week” person.

A favorite quote, author unknown: “Sending a letter is a good way to travel without moving anything but your heart.”