Although today the sun was shinning in a bright sky, some damp months are still ahead. Here are a few inside activities to fill the hours. One of the favorites we play in our preschool needs only a simple cloth or paper bag. Collect small objects from your child’s environment, objects that are very familiar. The players reach in the bag, feeling and identifying the objects without looking. Turn the tables and suggest that the children do the collecting. Stumping an adult can be unbelievably delightful for them.

Help kids recognize the letters of the alphabet while engaging them in a treasure hunt. Make a set of letters on anything from small cards to cardboard discs. Paint them gold before adding letters, as everyone loves a little gold! Use lower case letters instead of upper case, making the later jump from letter recognition to reading and writing much easier. Hide the letter “coins” around the house and let them begin the search. Again, so much joy is added when they can switch roles with you and hide treasure for you to find.

Finally, go for a collecting hunt through old magazines. Agree on the object(s) for the hunt such as animals, food, jewels, or favorite characters. Tear or cut out the findings. Complete the game by gluing the cutouts into a simple homemade book.