Part of loving children includes the pleasure we receive by giving them countless perfect gifts. There exists that resulting challenge of attempting to balance their interest in receiving with a little interest in giving. Here are a few ideas that might intrigue your child and heighten his/her involvement with giving.

Most kids love a treasure hunt! Plan such a hunt together, drawing a map and possibly writing clues on slips of paper to be planted along the route. Actually bury the treasure (gift) outside, matching the location with the “x” on the map. Deliver the map in a shiny envelope. A similar approach would be to lay a trail of coins leading from the recipient’s front door to a hidden place in their yard where a wrapped treasure awaits safely hidden. Include a plan for how your child might hide and watch the hunt and resulting discovery.

One of the most delightful experiences with giving for my son was the year we made a calendar for his grandfather. We cut out super hero pictures, glued them to cutout background scenes from magazines and added the photo heads of my son and his grandpa, making them the superhero stars of the calendar. This gift was a continued joy for both of them throughout the year.

Choose a family member or special friend and begin collecting silly small gifts. Let this collecting become an ongoing project with periodic shopping trips together. Wrap each gift individually and fill a stocking or box with all your findings.

Maybe one of these ideas will prove to be a good fit destined for repetitions or a good springboard for new ideas about giving from your child.