Personalizing any project or activity with the use of your child’s photograph adds that extra bit of enjoyment for both you and your child. With Halloween coming, you will be receiving catalogs in the mail highlighting all the wonderful character costumes now available. Mount 8-12 of your child’s favorites on this cardboard and then, magnetic sheeting (available at most craft stores). Cut out these 3 layered figures and glue a small amount of magnetic sheeting to the front of the faces. Next, mount and cut heads only from photos, using those of your child, his/her friends and members of your family, to the magnetic sheeting. The refrigerator or any magnetic surface provides the background. Your child can spend hours making up stories while moving the heads around on the figures. For variations on this theme, cut out figures from old books or magazines.

Each year in our Morning School program at the center, we make “experience books” for the children. They are simply a collection of photos of the children with captions they make up for each picture. With your child, you might together plan a story, taking photos to illustrate with your child in the staring role. A joint selection of props and costumes will enrich the story. You will probably find yourselves producing an entire series of stories together.